Due to COVID-19, I’m staggering and only seeing 1 client per day for the foreseen future.
    Please don’t bring a friend. Please bring cash, and please wear a mask.
    If you don’t have a mask, one will be provided :)
  • Hello! Welcome to my online booking request form! This helps me organize my life and helps me better understand what you're looking for in a tattoo!

    I'm currently working out of a private studio in the heart of Strathcona, Vancouver, BC

    My rate is $160 per hour starting, $170 for custom or color, and $180 for custom and color. Most tattoos take between 1-3 hours. :) If you have budgetary needs or restrictions, feel free to mention that. I have done staggered payments/ sessions in the past for clients.

    I take a deposit of $50 upon tattoo confirmation to my email - bloodmothtattoos@gmail.com This amount will be subtracted off the final cost of your tattoo. This is non refundable unless in case of emergency.

    Tips are always appreciated but never expected! Tips usually ring in at 10-15%.

    Please be as descriptive as you can filling out this form! I look forward to hearing your ideas!

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