How can I make an appointment with you?
My booking form is here, I generally don't close it unless in extremely busy or in unprecedented circumstances.
Will you be travelling? How can I get you to come to my city?
I love travelling! Feel free to shoot me a short email requesting it.
Why is your name bibi tats?
In Afghanistan, we call our grandmother's bibi, which means lady, as a sign of respect. Furthermore- i'm named after my grandomther - first and last. Also- in punjabi they call their bibi's 'bibi' too :) Not to mention a play on words since I can be a baby :)
Do you do underage tattoos?
No, sorry. 18+ only.
I have dark skin! Is that an issue for tattooing?
No, definitely not an issue for tattooing! I tattoo all skin tones!
How much do you charge?
My hourly rate is $250. For clients with proven financial needs, I offer staggered payment plans. For clients who request a trauma related tattoo, such as a scar cover up, I can reduce the price. Furthermore, if you have been a ward of the state (foster kid) I offer reduced pricing. If you can pay full price, that is great, since it covers the cost for those who cannot.
Are you interesting in trading?
Maybe! Generally not for other tattoos, but let me know if you have an interesting angle and I'll consider it.
Will you tattoo this drawing I did? What about this drawing my friend made?
I prefer to tattoo my own designs but maybe if I vibe with it! If I like it, I'll probably even ask if I can give it my own interpretation.
Can you fix this old tattoo I have, or give me a cover up?
I'll likely say no, since it's best to take up these issues with the original artist but you never know! A good way to get me to consider a cover up, or fixing an old tattoo, is to book a new tattoo with me. That way, it's easy for me to go in and attend to any other old tattoos that may need some TLC.
When can I touch up my tattoo you gave me?
Ideally in the next 6 months after I gave it to you! Touch-ups are always free.
Can you show me the tattoo design before I commit to it?
Generally not, sorry. Due to a busy schedule, I draw my designs right before the appointment. Please make sure you trust my artistic sensibility and look over my work carefully before you commit to a piece from me. That being said, I definitely recommend consultations a few weeks in advance, especially for larger works, so we can be on the same page. Consultations can be done via skype or zoom as well. If you are unsure of the drawing I have for you when you come in for your appointment, please let me know! It's in my best interest to know exactly what you want so you can be happy with your forever ink!
I'm pumped for my appointment! How can I prepare?
Please arrive well rested, well hydrated, ideally with a snack. If you know that you have dry skin, it doesn't hurt to moisturize the area once a day, a couple of days before your appointment. Please wear appropriate clothing (dark colours) to reveal the area I will be working on. Pain varies for each person, by body part. In general, the more painful areas of the body to tattoo are the more bony ones (ribs, back, knee, etc.) and also the parts that are less exposed (inside of arm, inside of thigh, etc.) However, everyone's pain tolerance is different – in accordance with the type of design you are getting tattooed. I specialize in fine, thin lines, but there are designs that involve thicker lines and blackouts. If you think you will have an issue with pain, please consider a topical numbing cream, such as zenza.
Can you be in my art show/ do a painting for me/ make me a logo/ draw some merch for my band/ do an interview etc?
Yeah, I'd be happy to! Drop me a line at